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Investment Objectives

The Group expects to invest USD$50,000-$1,000,000 in each company that passed the screening criteria and the due diligence process conducted by the group's members. The Group typically co-invests with other venture funds in companies that are raising US$1-5M with a valuation of US$2M-10M.

The Group's investment focuses on disruptive and platform technologies in the telecom, IT, Education and environmental industries in Asia.

Executive summaries submitted online by potential start-ups are evaluated by the Screening Committee of the Group. Shortlisted proposals will present their business plans to the Screening Committee. If a sufficient interest is apparent among the members of the Screening Committee, successful companies shall be subjected to a due diligence process that usually takes 6-12 weeks. This process includes personal interviews, product study, market analysis, and chief operations.

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